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Master of Orion: Silicoid After Action Report (Early Access 3)

I did not write about Early Access Two, but it contained several good incremental improvements and introduced the Klackons and Terran Khanate to the game. I played it for a bit, but didn’t really dive deep.

I was compelled to write this article because since Early Access 3 was released late last week, I binged on a large galaxy game that I completed with the Silicoids, one of the new additions to this edition of the game.  Continue reading Master of Orion: Silicoid After Action Report (Early Access 3)

Good Design and Frames of Reference

In his article From Design Philosophy (Part 1: What is “Good Design”?), the author defines “Good Design” as follows:

Good design is when the thing in question accomplishes what is desired in an efficient, reliable, intuitive, thorough, positive, and inspiring way without contradicting its own goals, being dishonest or misleading, or being unnecessarily obtrusive or overwrought.

Personally, I think that definition might be over-designed. I would simplify it by ending it early. Continue reading Good Design and Frames of Reference

What Would Strax Suggest?

function strax(){
$begin = array(“a full-frontal”, “a pincer”, “a surprise”, “a brutally excessive”, “a suicide”, “a multi-pronged”, “a glorious”, “an acid-heavy”, “an immediate”, “a violent”, “a traditional Sontaran”, “a devastating”);
$type = array(“laser”, “berserker”, “acid”, “armoured attack”, “proton”, “three kinds of”, “atomic”, “toxic”, “explosive”, “red-hot”, “thermal”, “automated fire”, “cluster”, “enhanced germ”, “energy-drink-fueled”);
$action = array(“assault”, “attack”, “bombardment”, “offensive”, “barrage”, “charge”, “strike”, “operation”, “manoeuvre”);
$enhance = array(“bees”, “chainsaws”, “marmots”, “acid”, “monkeys”, “mines”, “bombs”, “snakes”, “nanites”, “spiders”, “knives”, “rockets”, “sharks”, “owls”, “repurposed cybermats”, “cannons”, “alligators”);
$enhance2 = array(“robots”, “ninjas”, “grenades”, “a dolphin full of napalm”, “acid”, “dynamite”, “xenomorphs”, “lots and lots of C4”, “tactical nukes”, “bio-weapons”, “rocket launchers”, “an elephant”, “a memory worm for afterwards”, “this pencil.”);
echo “Might I suggest {$begin[1]} {$action[1]} with $type[1] $enhance[1] and $enhance2[1]?”;

Continue reading What Would Strax Suggest?

Preview: Candy Land Wars

The Chocolate Mountains and Lollipop Forests have been quiet for the entire history of Candy Land. Now King Kandy, blind and legless, lies dying in the Candy Castle. Prince Swirl is lost somewhere in the depths of the Ice Cream Slopes and presumed dead. With no successor, chaos roils in the court.

Four factions now vie for control of Candy Land. These factions are vicious, bloodthirsty, and willing to do anything to get the upper hand.

The Greens are led by Marquis de Mint, the King’s most trusted adviser. It is whispered that he poisoned the King, envious of his power. Others claim that he merely replaced the King’s medicine with a placebo. There is no evidence for either story.

Baron Banana leads the Yellows. Some say that he killed the Prince during their recent ski trip to the Ice Cream Slopes, and that he did so because he feared his diminished position under the reign of a King Swirl. The Baron and his supporters dismiss the idea. Either way, the Prince never returned from that trip, and the Baron did.

Chief Cherry of the Reds leads the internal security forces of Candy Land. Angered at the uneven distribution of candy in the Kingdom, he will use his military access to affect political change, and take this opportunity to overthrow the monarchy once and for all.

The Blue faction is led by Dame Berry. The chaos of recent years, as well as the high-profile illness of King Kandy, has led to a blossoming of “alternate lifestyles” such as gardening and low-carb diets. The Dame, saddened by the loss of traditional culture, wishes to take control and enact policies that will reverse the trend and reinforce traditional Candy Land values.

Who will get their forces to the Candy Castle first? Who will be able to unite Candy Land and bring peace once again?