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My First Game Design Kit

My daughter is 8 years old in a few days, and she’s expressed a lot of interest in board and video games. She’s also said that she wanted to “make up her own game.” After seeing a post a few months¬†ago with a $20 Game Design Kit (sadly, the original link no longer works, but here’s a post that contains a fair amount of it), my wife and I decided we would put one together for our little girl.

Few things have been more creatively enriching than walking around a dollar store (and later, a craft store) searching for potential game pieces among the stock.

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Untested Design: Candy Land Wars

I intended to fully test the new rule set for Candy Land I like to call “Candy Land Wars,” but have not had the time, so I went ahead and published the rules as written last week.

This is all theory, and I can’t vouch for how fun it is. I will post again when I’ve had a chance to playtest.

UPDATE: Forgot the URL!